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Green Kitchen

Brand Experience • Brand Identity System • Tone of Voice / Storytelling • Packaging • Social Media Content

Fresh, chopped while you wait, bursting with goodness and no compromise on flavour. The team had worked with experts in the salad industry to refine their menu and needed a brand evolution that would help them tell their story. Evoking all the freshness, all the naturalness and all the down-to-earth feels that a salad brand needs.

We created a brand that conjured up all the wholesomeness of their healthy leaves. Of course green was going to be our colour palette but by selecting a modern hue with a contemporary set of vibrant shades we were able to contrast without being predictable. We needed a materials palette that was pure, neutral and felt handmade and light. This paired with our colour palette has created a brand that embodies goodness to go.

To tell the story of Green Kitchen – ingredients sourced with care from Irish suppliers where possible, a team passionate about provenance and how it’s grown as well as how their flavours combine to make something seemingly mundane wow the tastebuds, we commissioned a suite of supporting photography to help us tell our ingredient story. We told their story across their social media channels, not just focusing on range but also on the process of ingredient sourcing and flavour combinations.