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Frank and Honest

Brand Experience • Brand Identity System • Tone of Voice / Storytelling • Packaging

We created the Frank and Honest brand at a time when a whole world of coffee aficionados had opened up. The landscape created by the coffee connoisseur left a trail of confused consumers in it’s wake. And herein lay our insight, the coffee consumer that wanted a very good coffee with none of the drama.

And so Frank and Honest was born, the down-to-earth coffee company that served a decent cup of brew. The approachable brand that might even help you understand the difference between the froth in a latte and a cappuccino without boring you to death – because it’s just a cup of coffee after all. We worked on distilling that feeling into our brand identity system, from the logo, colours and materials, typography and most importantly our tone of voice. We informed the brand style instore – from coffee machines to cafés, and also created packaging, from takeout cups to retail packaging for beans and coffee pods. We remain the Frank and Honest brand guardians to this day.