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Naming • Brand Experience • Brand Identity System • Tone of Voice / Storytelling • Packaging

This brief involved creating a brand that would excite customers and would help drive footfall later in the evening instore. The client had CX tested an authentic Italian pizza inspired by the Neopolitan style base. After rigorous training on how to make the perfect dough base by Italian pizzaiolos, careful sourcing of both Italian and Irish ingredients, as well as the installation of a pizza oven instores, the following were the insights and key USPs from which we built our concept.

The name is a fusion of the word friend in both Irish and Italian ‘cara’ and ‘amico’, by joining both of these words together we created something unique and ownable for the brand but rooted in their USPs. We created an approachable brand with a vibrant palette to ensure the counter had impact instore and pulled out key storytelling nuggets such as their dough process and supplier stories to communicate their key messages. We worked with a talented illustrator in Portugal to create bespoke illustrations for the brand and a unique pattern that syncs the counter and take home packaging.