Tim’s Table

Creation of a sub-brand identity system, brand personality, brand narrative and shopper experience design for a local brand. In a largely unbranded category, Collins’ fresh to go had a unique story that was left untold. Three generations of Collins’ handmade their food instore to recipes handed down through the family. For over 100 years, the family built a reputation for delicious, natural food at the heart of the community in Drimoleague.

A unique brief in that the store operated under the Centra brand guidelines. This meant that anything that was created had to be respectful of the mother brand. Although we created the brand identity system, we used the mother brand as our jumping off point which helped us create the logo, colour palette and photography guide to activate the sub-brand across the customer experience journey.

This branding system was brought to life across packaging, high level communication instore through feature walls and fridge units. We also created a suite of point of sale to communicate this unique story enriched with heritage as well as story-telling about the quality ingredients and techniques used in their recipes.

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