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Molson Coors

Design & Layout • Tone of Voice / Storytelling

The Molson Coors sales team had a challenge on their hands, they had moved their business into the craft beer sector and their portfolio now contained numerous labels with varying complexities in flavour. Their new consumers enjoyed a conversation around taste and how to pair with food but the team had to help the trade to get up to speed quickly and easily. That was our insight, a consumer that needed more information on flavour and a retailer that needed this information to sell the right product.

What we were asked to do was a sales presenter, what we created was an informative magazine style piece that helped retailers to understand their consumers, each craft beer and a nugget on flavour cues and food pairings that was easy to follow. The Molson Coors sales team were now armed with a piece that helped them to engage in conversation with prospective leads and to arm their trade and retailers with the information to help sell their product to consumers.