The Fresh Fish Deli

Creation of a brand identity system, name generation, brand personality, brand narrative and packaging design for a local brand. For these local producers embarking on a branding journey was a little overwhelming, taking their famous fishcakes and changing the name of their company.

Peter had an established store selling seafood and Monica’s family are all fishermen and women, operating out of Union Hall. They came together and created Fresh Fish Deli in Rosscarbery making fantastic pre-prepared seafood products like their beloved fishcakes as well as their fish pies and chowders. The challenge in this brief was to help their brand to standout outside of their own deli and on supermarket shelves where competition is rife.

We created a simple pack, giving the elements a rustic paper to sit into … just like a traditional fishmongers would. We gave this a twist with bright colours, wonderful product descriptions, simple coastal illustrations to really help them sing on shelf.

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